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Spike Lee A Brooklyn Nets Fan? Never. Famous Director Will Stick With The Knicks

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NEW YORK (AP) -- He's New York's most prominent Knicks fan. But he's also a proud son of Brooklyn.

So would Spike Lee ever consider switching teams and rooting for the Brooklyn Nets?

No, no and no.

That's what Lee tells The New York Times in an interview discussing his split loyalties between the Knicks and the beloved hometown borough that has been the setting for many of his films.

The Nets will play their first games in Brooklyn this fall, after moving from New Jersey.

It's far from the first time Lee has vowed to go to his grave a Knicks fan.

Last year he tried to hammer home the point on Twitter, saying that anyone who thinks he's switching to the Nets "is on crack, meth and malt liquor."

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