08/05/2012 12:27 pm ET

Friendship Day: 5 Celeb Pairs Who Helped Each Other Through Divorce

Brace yourself for a big group hug. Why? Because August 5 is Friendship Day.

The holiday, which takes place on the first Sunday in August every year, has special relevance for those of us who've been through divorce; there's nothing like a good friend to get you through a painful breakup.

Just ask the celebs in the slides below. Click through to test your knowledge of famous, divorce-withstanding friendships -- from the real-life "Friends" who've taken on breakups together, to the bestie who stood beside Nicole Kidman on the red carpet post-Tom. (We'll let you decide if you want to to cue up the "Golden Girls" theme song.)

TRIVIA: Supportive Celeb Friends During Divorce