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Dick Cheney: Obama's Been A 'Terrible President'

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized President Barack Obama and said it was crucial to help elect Mitt Romney, for whom he held a recent fundraiser at his home in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

"I think he's been a terrible president," he said on Fox News Channel's "Hannity" in an interview Monday, adding that he "fundamentally" disagreed with him.

He also defended his recent criticism of John McCain's decision to pick then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be the 2008 vice-presidential nominee, which he called a "mistake" because he did not think that she had the experience to step in and be president.

"It wasn't aimed so much at Governor Palin as it was against the basic process that McCain used. … My point basically dealt with the process in terms of that basic requirement: Is this person prepared to step in to be president of the United States when they're picked?" he said. "And it was my judgment -- I was asked if I thought the McCain process in '08 had been well done or was it a mistake, and I said I thought it was a mistake."

He went on, "That's not ... meant so much as a criticism of Governor Palin as it is that I just thought it was not -- the process didn't meet the standards I would like to see our candidate pursue when they pick a running mate."

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