7 Reasons Why Kris Jenner Is More Embarrassing Than Your Mom

08/06/2012 05:57 pm ET

We all know this moment: Your face turns a lovely shade of scarlet as your mother begins to _____ (dance, sing, drink, flirt, yell, reminisce, etc.).

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters know this reality all too well. Hollywood's favorite momager, Kris Jenner, is a bundle of embarrassment, but that's why we love her.

Check out mama Kardashian's most embarrassing moments below.

She likes to drink on live, daytime TV.
kris jenner embarrassing

Like, a lot.
kris jenner embarrassing

She forgets that life isn't a "Mob Wives" audition.
kris jenner embarrassing

She's a frightening combination of Demi Moore and Octomom.
kris jenner embarrassing

She was the original Rebecca Black.

She thinks she's the fourth Kardashian sister.
kris jenner embarrassing

kris jenner embarrassing

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