'Romney Hood' Slam: Obama Derides Mitt's Tax Plan

08/06/2012 10:05 pm ET | Updated Oct 06, 2012

STAMFORD, Conn. — President Barack Obama is labeling opponent Mitt Romney's tax plan as "Romney Hood," saying it takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

Speaking Monday night at a campaign event in Connecticut, Obama said the GOP plan "is like Robin Hood in reverse."

Obama says Romney's tax plan would give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans while forcing middle-class families to pay up to $2,000 a year in additional taxes.

The president cites a study by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center that says millionaires would receive a tax cut of approximately $250,000 a year if the former Massachusetts governor gets his way.

Romney has said he wants further tax cuts, including for the wealthy, as a part of his economic plan, although he has been vague about details.

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