Good news high school seniors: Newsweek's top party school list is out just in time to impact your college decisions, much to your parents' chagrin.

This year's list definitely includes some surprises, and is sure to influence College Prowler's report cards and admissions alike. We're not only seeing those large state schools (yes Penn State and Ohio University, you made it again) but also some smaller NESCAC schools such as Union College.

Click through to see the top 15 schools that party the hardest:

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  • 15. University of Mississippi

  • 14. University of Iowa

  • 13. Florida State University

  • 12. DePauw University

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  • 11. University of Vermont

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  • 10. Indiana University-Bloomington

  • 9. University of Florida

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  • 8. Colgate University

  • 7. University of Wisconsin-Madison

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  • 6. University of New Hampshire

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  • 5. Union College (N.Y.)

  • 4. Ohio University

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  • 3. University of Colorado-Boulder

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  • 2. Pennsylvania State University

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  • 1. West Virginia University

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For details on how they ranked them and for the full list of the top 25 schools, visit Newsweek's website.