While they may not cheat on their boyfriends with their much-older bosses or offend hundreds of people with a single statement, animals are a lot more like humans than we'd sometimes care to admit.

They ride bikes and skateboards, raid the fridge and even play iPad games.

Let's face it: After watching their human overlords day in and day out, pets have picked up quite a few tricks (or have been trained by their human masters) -- some that allow them to get the upper hand. Take for example that video of the dog who knocked a kid off a sled so he could ride it down the hill.

Who's the master again?

Here are 26 more animals who appear to be a bit too just like us.

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  • They Politely Wave Goodbye

  • They Take Their Humans For A Walk

  • They Skateboard

  • They've Got Some Killer Dance Moves

  • They Beat Your High Score On Fruit Ninja

  • They Hijack Sleds

  • They Get The Munchies And Raid The Fridge

  • They Ride Bikes

  • They Work Off Those Extra Pounds On The Treadmill

  • They're Good Listeners

  • They Do Chores

  • They Get Frustrated With Accounting

  • They Like Getting Massages

  • They Play Tetherball

  • They Play Mini Golf Better Than You

  • They Give Awesome High Fives

  • They Sing And Play The Piano... At The Same Time!

  • They Take A Look Under The Hood

  • They Greet Their Kid After School And Help Carry Their Bag Home

  • They Hitchhike

  • They Have Mad Hula-Hoop Skills

  • They Rock Out On The Guitar

  • They Wear Their Sunglasses At The Beach

  • They Find Work As Lifeguards

  • They Cry When They Lose A Friend

  • They Play Patty-Cake

  • They Do Backflips When They're Bored

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