"Arrested Development" Season 4 begins filming today, Tues., Aug. 7.

What do we know about Season 4? Well, each episode will focus on one family member. The first of the 10 episode Netflix season will feature Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), at least that's what executive producer/narrator Ron Howard's tweets would have us believe.

The season is set to debut in 2013 with a film to follow. Here at HuffPost TV, we've been on the edge of our seats with anticipation since the revival was announced in late 2011, so we can't help but fantasize about what classic "Arrested Development" jokes and characters could show up during Season 4.

Click through the slideshow below to see what we have in mind and add your own in the comments!

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  • The Chicken Dance

    Years later, the Bluths probably still haven't seen an actual chicken.

  • Lucille's Reactions

    We don't know if Gene Parmesan will return (we can only hope), but nevertheless, Lucille's reactions have become one of the show's legacies.

  • Lucille 2

    Even just a cameo appearance would be swell. Lucille Austero (and her vertigo) fell into our hearts all those years ago.

  • Buster's Hook

    Sure prosthetic body parts have come a long way since "Arrested Development" wrapped up, but Buster and his hook are a match made in comedy heaven.

  • Barry Zuckerkorn

    We assume the Bluths would probably still hire Barry.

  • Her?

    Plant -- um, Ann -- would be a nice joke to revive.

  • "Hey Brother"

    Can we hear this, at least once? Please?

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