08/07/2012 06:26 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2012

Boy Scratches Dog's Back -- And Dog Returns The Favor (VIDEO)

Attention, kids who are trying to convince their parents to get a dog: this video might be your secret weapon.

It proves that -- if you're lucky -- sharing your home with a canine companion can involve more than walks, poop pickup and doggy baths. If you treat your four-footed, furry family member well, you may reap special benefits, like mutual back-scratching sessions that are equal parts relaxing and adorable.

We already know that kids can learn life lessons from their pets. Some -- like "trust" or "unconditional love" -- are more abstract; in this case (as the video's YouTube description duly notes), the takeaway -- "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" -- is 100 percent concrete.


What Kids Learn From Pets