A so-called "ObamaClone" is going to new lengths to distance himself from his party's standard-bearer.

In a 30-second spot released Tuesday, a narrator boasts that Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) was the "only Democrat who voted against both the Wall Street and auto bailouts," as well as "took on the Obama administration" by backing language in a budget bill that removed his state's wolves from the endangered species list.

The $90,000 ad buy will run on broadcast and cable television across Montana, according to National Journal.

The new ad also touts Tester's vote for the controversial Keystone XL project, a 1,170-mile pipeline that Obama has postponed a final decision on until environmental concerns can be resolved.

The laundry list of Obama-bucking positions comes as Tester faces an intense challenge by Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) in a Republican-leaning state where Mitt Romney has maintained a commanding lead over the president since public polling started there last fall.

Outside groups have leaped at the opportunity to link Tester with an unpopular president.

Earlier this year, conservative super PAC ForAmerica launched an online campaign targeting several senators as "ObamaClones" for frequently voting in line with the president on legislation like the Affordable Care Act. Part of the group's crusade: a website solely devoted to branding Tester as an Obama mimic.

"If Jon Tester gains another term as a Senator, his record shows that his next go around will be a repeat of his first 6 years: do whatever Obama wants," the website reads.

Watch Tester's new ad:

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