Most Olympians train their entire lives, overcoming all kinds of obstacles to achieve perfection at their chosen sport. However, at the tender age of 6, one budding athlete has already nailed several of the most competitive events featured in the Olympic Games: That would be Suri Cruise, of course.

Over the past year, Suri has made time in her packed schedule for rigorous training in a myriad of athletic endeavors, repeatedly demonstrating her precocious agility. No wonder she often needs to preserve her energy.

When Suri's old enough to go pro, which of the following activities should she focus on?


suri cruise pool


suri cruise gymnastics


suri cruise running

Ice Skating

suri cruise skating

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  • What are you lookin' at?

  • Come on Katie, we're late!

  • Digging for gold, of course

  • And I'm off!

  • You wish!

  • I'll give you pretty

  • La di da di da...

  • You're embarrassing me, Tom!

  • You've driven me to doughnuts!

  • They love me, they really really love me

  • Let them eat cake!

  • My dad taught me these sweet moves

  • Don't look at me!