Get Voluminous Hair Like Sophia Loren With These Blow-Dry Tips (VIDEO)

08/07/2012 02:33 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Between the heat, humidity and rain, summer's unpredictable weather has forced us to get creative with braided and ponytail hairstyles. But sometimes a girl just wants to sport big, sexy hair -- you can blame it on all those Victoria's Secret ads. Luckily, our friends over at BellaSugar have shown us a few tricks to transform flat locks into voluminous hair.

In the video above, beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson gives her blonde 'do a boost using minimal heat and hair thickening products. First, she applies a volumizing spray to freshly-washed hair and rough dries (with her hands) on a warm setting. Once partly dry, she adds a smoothing sealant to strands (focusing on the ends to reduce frizz), then finishes drying with a nozzle attachment and round brush. Letting her hair fall naturally, she lightly dusts a thickening powder at the roots and sets the style with a blast of hairspray.

What do you think about these blow-dry tips? Would you ever wear big hair à la Sophia Loren? Tell us in the comments section.

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