Four Olympic contenders share their favorite snacks. Bookmark these recipes and file under "energizing eats"!

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  • Dotsie Bausch

    <em>Cyclist, 39</em> <strong>Lives In</strong>: Irvine, CA <strong>Bragging Rights</strong>: Seven-time USA Cycling National Champion; competed in the 2008 Olympics; gunning to compete at the London Games. <strong>Before The Bike</strong>: A former model, Bausch discovered her love of cycling during her recovery from an eating disorder. <strong>Her Go-To Fuel</strong>: Pumped-up smoothie. "This drink helps me stay strong. The pumpkin seeds are like iron bombs and the vitamin C helps your body absorb that iron."

  • Mariel Zagunis

    <em>Fencer, 27</em> <strong>Lives In</strong>: Beaverton, OR <strong>Bragging Rights</strong>: This two-time Olympic gold medalist is the most decorated sabre fencer in U.S. history. She's going for gold again this summer. <strong>Born To Be An Olympian</strong>: Zagunis's parents were both rowers who competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. <strong>Her Go-To Fuel</strong>: Hearty zucchini soup. "You can cook extra days' worth and refrigerate or freeze it so it's ready when you're in a rush."

  • Kerri Walsh

    <em>Beach Volleyball Player, 33</em> <strong>Lives In</strong>: Hermosa Beach, CA <strong>Bragging Rights</strong>: Two-time Olympic gold medalist (along with partner Misty May-Treanor). <strong>A.K.A.</strong>: "Six Feet of Sunshine." Walsh's husband, pro beach volleyball player Casey Jennings, gave her the nickname because of the warmth his 6-foot, 3-inch wife radiates. <strong>Her Go-To Fuel</strong>: Power waffle. "It's satisfying and it gives me the protein and carbs I need to keep going. Plus, I can walk out the door with it."

  • Kara Goucher

    <em>Marathon Runner, 34</em> <strong>Lives In</strong>: Portland, OR <strong>Bragging Rights</strong>: At the 2007 Great North Run (the world's largest half-marathon), she had the fastest half-marathon debut of any woman, ever (1:06:57). Competed in the 2008 Olympics; running the marathon in London. <strong>Mom Power</strong>: She ran 5 miles the morning she gave birth to her son. <strong>Her Go-To Fuel</strong>: Energy-revving quinoa. "It's quick, easy, and high in protein. I keep it in the fridge so I can snack on it after working out."

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