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Harry Reid To Receive Boxing Gloves For Mitt Romney Tax Fight

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A group of progressive Nevadans will be making a trip to Sen. Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) district office in Las Vegas on Friday, and they plan on giving the Senate majority leader a pair of commemorative boxing gloves in honor of his high-profile sparring with Republicans over Mitt Romney's tax returns.

Reid told The Huffington Post in an interview published last week that an early investor in Bain Capital told him the presumptive GOP presidential nominee didn't pay any taxes for a decade. Reid's comments set off a political firestorm, with Romney denying the charge and the Republican National Committee chairman going so far as to call Reid a "dirty liar." Reid has continued to stand by his story.

James Walsh, a Vegas resident leading the trip to Reid's office, launched a petition on's petition site,, to support the Nevada senator in the spat and to push Romney to be more transparent about his taxes. The former Massachusetts governor has only released one year of tax returns, opening himself up to charges from Democrats that he's hiding something. On his petition, Walsh writes:

My Senator Harry Reid has challenged Mitt Romney to release 10 years of his tax returns, like his father did (12 years) and Mitt has refused. As an American citizen, I think it is our right to see how a person who is running for President of the USA has paid their income tax. When he ran for Governor of Massachusetts he insisted that Ted Kennedy release his tax returns. [Editor's note: Romney ran against Kennedy for Senate.] So please Mitt don't be a hypocrite, release your tax returns.

The petition has more than 35,000 signatures as of this posting. Walsh's group plans to deliver Reid a copy of the petition along with the boxing gloves.

Correction: This post originally stated that Romney has released one full year of tax returns. In fact, that one tax return is likely incomplete.

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