08/09/2012 12:00 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

Inside The Fringe Private Olympics Club

The Games are a few weeks in, and you've finally caught Olympic fever. Whether you've scored last-minute tickets on or are simply glued to the tube, there's no reason why you can't upgrade your game-watching experience to an elite level. How about a renovated Victorian warehouse to start?

Set inside of a former furniture factory along the River Lea, The Fringe 2012 is a pop-up lounge located just outside Olympic Park. The newly gutted space has been given a makeover by muralist Ben Mosley and acclaimed street artist Ben Eine, who covered wall surfaces in vibrant, rhyming cockney slang as part of a curated "Great Stage" exhibition. (Talking point: Prime minister David Cameron gifted Eine's work to President Barack Obama as an official state present in 2010.)

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