08/09/2012 07:47 am ET | Updated Aug 12, 2012

James Middleton, Mischa Barton: An Unlikely Couple? (PHOTOS)

While now-Duchess Kate Middleton sunned herself at the Olympics on Wednesday (and every other day of the past week), her 25-year-old brother James Middleton hobnobbed in London as well -- with a slightly chic-er crowd.

Mischa Barton of former "O.C." fame threw a party at East London's Spitalfields Market to mark the opening of her first ever clothing store Mischa's Place, which comes on the heels of her successful nine-year-old handbag collection. (Nine years? We feel old.)

Barton, clad in a tuxedo, posed with guests who included her sister Zoe, and surprisingly, the younger brother of Pippa and Kate. Her other companion was a super cute brown dog, who seemed to be functioning as an accessory himself. Actually, Mischa's party sounds kind of fun! Where are our invitations?

Perhaps "wild child" James was summoned to provide a few naughty cupcakes for the launch? Either way, we're kind of digging this odd couple -- here's to a brand new friendship.


James Middleton and... Mischa?

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