08/09/2012 09:01 am ET

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News, GOP For Over-Hyping Voter Fraud (VIDEO)

Anyone tuning into Fox News these past few months has probably noticed a growing trend in what they're covering: voter fraud. They've even gone so far as to instate a Fox News Voter Fraud Unit, dedicated (one would assume) solely to keeping track of this huge national problem.

The only issue is, Jon Stewart isn't convinced voter fraud stacks up too high on America's "List of Stuff That's Going Wrong Right Now." And research from the National Republican Lawyers Association seems to support his hunch.

"I'm gonna say it's bigger than ringworm and less than Bieber fever," Stewart joked on Wednesday night's "Daily Show."

But that hasn't stopped the people of "Michconsin", "Floralina" and "New Ohio" from passing strict voter I.D. laws.

Watch Jon's monologue above and then correspondent Jessica Williams' killer analysis below.



Jon Stewart ripping Fox News