08/09/2012 05:17 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Matthew Mitcham, Gay Olympic Diver, Tweets He Will Dive Naked If He Wins Gold Medal

In a move that surely has adoring fans around the world crossing their fingers, gay Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham tweeted that he would dive naked if he wins gold at the London games:


Though Mitcham -- one of the few openly gay athletes competing in London -- has generated quite a stir with his covers of "Single Ladies" and the "Family Guy" theme, this stunt would surely take the viral cake.

Sadly, as the sports news aggregation site SB Nation notes, "Mitcham has been fighting an abdominal injury and the 10-meter field is stacked."

In case he does get gold, one thing is for certain: McKayla Maroney must stay a safe distance from the nude dive spectacle. That level of disapproval could do irreparable damage to even the strongest of egos.

For more out Olympic athletes, check out the slideshow below, and let us know your response to Mitcham's promise in the comments section.

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