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Biweekly Movie Quote Quiz: Name That Film!

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Every week day at 4 p.m. EST, we here at HuffPost Entertainment ask our followers on Twitter (@HuffPostEnt) if they can identify a film based on a single, 140-characters-or-less quote. Whoever can do so the fastest is our daily winner. (Of course, we're operating on an honor system here -- but a real movie maven shouldn't use Google.) Winners, of course, get a Twitter mention and a fabulous prize, by which we mean an animated GIF and/or Rick Springfield YouTube video.

Do you know these movie quotes?
To get the highest score, get all the answers right in the fastest time!
The clock will start as soon as you submit your first answer.
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That ain't no Etch-A-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet.
Knocked Up
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
High Scores

How did you fare on the quiz? Did we include any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

And well done to the winners on Twitter (warning—following the links will spoil the answers): Kris, Emily, Andrew, Natalie (twice!), Talia, Martha, Jessica and

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