It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a typeface? While Helvetica is undoubtedly one of the most beloved of the sans-serif fonts, we don't often see it endowed superhero status. But René Mambembé has taken font fandom to the next level with his minimalist ode "Helvetica Heroes."

The collection depicts each letter of the alphabet immersed in the environment of a superhero or super villain. Mambembé takes his inspiration from comic books, movies, video games and WWE wrestling, including classics like Batman alongside unexpected choices like Ethan from "Mission Impossible." We love the unlikely pairing of the humble font with these bold protectors of mankind. See how many you can recognize in the slideshow below.

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  • A for Alien

  • B for Batman

  • C for Cyclops ( X men ) , Captain America , Catwoman

  • D for Daredevil

  • E for Ethan ( Mission Impossible) , Edge ( WWE superstar)

  • F for Freddy Krueger , Flash

  • G for Green Lantern, Gobelin ( Spiderman Vilan ), Gambit ( X-men )

  • H for Hulk and Hellboy

  • H for Hulk and Hellboy

  • I for Iron Man

  • J for James Bond and Joe Higashi ( King of Fighters )

  • L for Leonardo ( TMNT) and Lucky Luke

  • M for Magneto ( X-Men ), Mysterio ( Spiderman Vilan ) and Mr Fantastic ( Fantastic four )

  • O for Oddjob ( James Bond Vilan) and Doc Octopus ( Spiderman Vilan )

  • P for Poison Ivy ( Batman Vilan)

  • Q for Haley Quinn ( Batman Vilan )

  • R for Rhino ( Spiderman Vilan) and Ryu ( Street Fighter )

  • S for Spiderman and Sandman ( Spiderman Vilan )

  • T for Terminator

  • T for Thor

  • U for The Undertaker ( WWE superstar )

  • V for Venom ( Spiderman vilan ) and for Darth Vader

  • W for Wolverine and Wonderwoman

  • W for Wolverine and Wonderwoman

  • X for Xanatos ( Star Wars )

  • Y for Yoda ( Star Wars)

  • Z for Zangief ( Street Fighter )

h/t Smashing Magazine

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