When brides and grooms see each other for the first time, it's not unusual for them to fall head-over-heels all over again.

It is unusual, however, for them to actually fall.

If wedding planning has you stressed out, take a moment to remember that your Big Day likely won't have it's own blooper reel like these nuptials below did.

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  • A Bouquet To The Face

    One not-so-lucky bridesmaid almost catches the bouquet -- but it caught her off-guard first.

  • Roley Poley

    A drunken wedding game leaves a mark on one guest!

  • Kodak Moment

    A photographer gets a "one in a million" moment courtesy of the bride.

  • Fallin' For You

    An emotional Indian bride takes a tumble.

  • Tot Tumbling

    This dancer and her pint-sized partner take a turn for the worst.

  • Groom Goes Down

    During a reception entrance, the groom "oversteps" his bounds.

  • Bride Biffs It

    This bride brings new meaning to going "through the threshold."

  • Flower Girl Takes A Nap

    This Lexington, Ken. flower girl thought it was opportune time for a short nap before the priest presented the bride and groom -- and one stealthy guest saw the opportunity for a hilarious video.

  • Taking Out The Garbage

    A can-climbing groom takes a spill while chasing a donut on a string. We can't explain it either.

  • Guest Loses Her Head

    A dance battle with the groom has one wedding guest "wigging" out.

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