Let's face it: we all need a good hug now and then. And who better to lay on the snugs than a fuzzy friend?

So we've rounded up our favorite pics of animal hug action, and believe us, we've got it all: panda-on-panda, dog-on-cat, monkey-on-bird.

Get ready for your day to be brightened, y'all.

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  • Dog-Baby Hug

    We think they've found their new babysitter.

  • Baby Monkey-Bird Hug

    "Are you my mother?"

  • Horse-Human Hug

    She actually sat in some peanut butter earlier and the horse just found it.

  • Lion Hug

    See? They're not so ferocious.

  • Bear (Dog) Hug

    When you're this small, you don't really have a say in this one.

  • Camouflage Cat Hug

    Two cats, or one two-headed cat? You decide.

  • The Nuzzle

    It's like their necks are hugging.

  • Dog-Dog Hug

    Shh.. It's okay.

  • Dog-Cat Hug

    It's going to be REALLY awkward when they wake up the next morning.

  • Puppy-Baby Hug

    "Psst... You're the only one who poops around here more than I do."

  • Monkey-Dog Hug

    They're not just man's best friend anymore.

  • Dog-Cat Hug

    "Welcome home, dear! How was work?"

  • Big Dog-Small Dog Hug

    Something tells us this hug was unplanned.

  • Dancing Dog Hug

    They're sharing a romantic waltz to "Who Let The Dogs Out?" (It's their song).

  • Puppy Weight Lifting Hug

    Just four more reps...

  • Cat-Bunny Hug

    He just thinks it's a cat that got huge ear implants.

  • Cat-Cat Hug

    "Gene, I haven't seen you in years!"

  • Piggyback Hug

    Uhh... What's going on here?

  • Big Dog-Little Cat Hug

    They've got one thing in common: the ability to chill.

  • Siamese Cat Hug

    Don't ask them about the song, they get that all the time.

  • Monkey Hug

    "I won't look you in the eye, but I will hug the @#!% out of you."

  • "What Do You Want?" Hug

    Excuse us, we're trying to snuggle over here.

  • Panda Hug

    If you count the tree it's really a triple hug.

  • Smothered Cat Hug

    "Tom... Tom... I can't breathe. Tom?"

  • Side-By-Side Hug

    They even copy each other's facial expressions.

  • Four-Leg Hug

    No one taught them about spooning yet.

  • Big Dog-Little Girl Hug

    When you're that big, all you have to do is stand there and be loved.

  • Tub Hug

    Wait until someone turns the water on.

  • Poolside Hug

    "Let's go do <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/12/30-dogs-cooling-off-photo_n_1669095.html" target="_hplink">our favorite activity</a>."

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