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Paul Ryan Movie: Celebrity Doppelgangers Who Could Play The New Veep Candidate

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Despite electing to announce his runningmate on a Saturday morning during the final weekend of the Olympics, Mitt Romney has nonetheless thrust Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) back into the spotlight. Ryan, known best for having authored a budget plan that proposed massive changes to programs such as Medicare, also happens to have a number of celebrity doppelgangers.

There's no Paul Ryan movie in production yet (though he did release this "trailer" for his budget), but HuffPost Entertainment took a quiet Saturday morning to dreamcast his part, just in case a movie about the 2012 election does get made. Is his actor-twin Zach Woods from "The Office," who looks frighteningly similar to the congressman? Or is it Vincent Kartheiser, whose "Mad Men" character Pete Campbell certainly has some politician-like traits (namely a self-preserving streak which privileges the privileged)?

First, take a look at the gallery of actors in the slideshow below. Then vote in the poll and let us know who you think comes closest.

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Dreamcasting Paul Ryan
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