Despite electing to announce his runningmate on a Saturday morning during the final weekend of the Olympics, Mitt Romney has nonetheless thrust Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) back into the spotlight. Ryan, known best for having authored a budget plan that proposed massive changes to programs such as Medicare, also happens to have a number of celebrity doppelgangers.

There's no Paul Ryan movie in production yet (though he did release this "trailer" for his budget), but HuffPost Entertainment took a quiet Saturday morning to dreamcast his part, just in case a movie about the 2012 election does get made. Is his actor-twin Zach Woods from "The Office," who looks frighteningly similar to the congressman? Or is it Vincent Kartheiser, whose "Mad Men" character Pete Campbell certainly has some politician-like traits (namely a self-preserving streak which privileges the privileged)?

First, take a look at the gallery of actors in the slideshow below. Then vote in the poll and let us know who you think comes closest.

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Who do you think is Paul Ryan's celebrity doppelganger?


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  • Zach Woods

    The resemblance is uncanny.

  • Vincent Kartheiser (Center)

    Think less of the face and more of the total package: A young upstart who works his way into a power circle normally reserved for older men. Certainly articulate and clean, yet somehow vaguely troubling? In other words, would Pete Campbell care about Medicare?

  • Enver Gjokaj

    The "Dollhouse" star was born in Orange County, Calif., one of the few Republican strongholds in the state. Other than that, the fact that he and Ryan have the same face and the casual way a suit jacket falls on his shoulders, we got nothing

  • Aidan Gillen

    If Ryan was Irish and got a swag makeover. (Ryan is actually of Irish and German decent.)

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