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White House Weddings: First Couples On Their Wedding Days (PHOTOS)

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Just as wedding season is coming to an end, election season is beginning.

To kick off election season HuffPost Weddings style, we've pulled together wedding photos of first families past and present. Click through the slideshow to see first couples on their wedding days.

First Couples
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Obama Romney
332 206
Obama leading
Obama won
Romney leading
Romney won
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33 out of 100 seats are up for election. 51 are needed for a majority.
Democrat leading
Democrat won
Republican leading
Republican won
Democrats* Republicans
Current Senate 53 47
Seats gained or lost +2 -2
New Total 55 45
* Includes two independent senators expected to caucus with the Democrats: Angus King (Maine) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.).
All 435 seats are up for election. 218 are needed for a majority.
Democrat leading
Democrat won
Republican leading
Republican won
Democrats Republicans
Seats won 201 234
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