08/12/2012 10:18 am ET

What's YOUR Olympics?

Watching Gabby Douglas win a gold medal in the Olympics awakens the inner dreamer in all of us. If this 16-year-old can go for the gold, what we can we do with our own lives? We might not run as fast as Lolo Jones, but we can each achieve big wins in our own struggles. Who do we want to become? What are our loftiest goals?

We asked our Facebook and Twitter communities to tell us about their own Olympic-sized struggles. What's your ultimate competition and greatest prize? Are you aiming for a Ph.D, or a book deal, or a weight loss goal? Maybe you'd even like to get to the Olympics yourself!

What's your dream? Leave a comment below or tweet us with the hashtag #myolympics and tell us how you plan to earn your gold medal.

What's YOUR Olympics?