Emanuele Pesoli Protest: Soccer Player Chains Himself To Fence, On Hunger Strike After Suspension

08/13/2012 08:13 am ET

ROME (AP) — An Italian player who was given a three-year suspension in a match-fixing scandal chained himself to the gate of the Italian Football Federation's headquarters in Rome in protest over the ban.

Shaded from the sun by an umbrella and sitting in a chair, Siena player Emanuele Pesoli began his protest and hunger strike at the FIGC headquarters on Saturday.

FIGC announced its verdicts in the match-fixing scandal Friday, with punishments including suspensions for 26 players and officials. Among those suspended was Juventus coach Antonio Conte, who received a 10-month ban.

Pesoli denied wrongdoing and said his aim is to meet with his accusers face-to-face. Italian news agency LaPresse said federation director-general Antonello Valentini had come out to speak with the player.