08/13/2012 05:55 pm ET

Kids Dress As Famous Movie Characters Including Captain Jack Sparrow And Forrest Gump (PHOTOS)

Ever wonder what Forrest Gump and Edward Scissorhands looked like as children? Well, a Brazilian advertising agency has turned back time on some of cinema's most beloved characters, and the results are simply too cute for words.

As a way to promote a new theater in a shopping center, Globalcomm created a series of posters featuring children dressed as movie characters, according to My Modern Met. Be it a tiny Captain Jack Sparrow or a too-cute-to-be-evil Cruella de Vil, the pint-sized characters are meant to remind moviegoers of cinema's playful side.


If there were an award for "cutest kid dressed as a movie character," it'd surely be a six-way tie among the impersonators below. But earlier this year, Sophia, a very creative baby (read: mom) channeled her inner-diva and recreated scenes from some Academy Award nominees.

However, baby Sophia may have some competition when it comes to impersonating characters.

Last year, mommy-baby duo Emily Cleaver and Arthur worked to recreate scenes from classic movies including "American Beauty," "The Shawshank Redemption" and, yes, even "The Shining." The adorable results are featured on Cleaver's blog, and though Arthur has some time before deciding his future career path, his mom said this about a possible stint in Hollywood: "He loves the camera."


Kids As Movie Characters