¡Feliz Cumpleños Dora! That's Spanish for "Happy Birthday!"

The bi-lingual exploring sensation turns 12 today (I know, we thought she looked younger too). But instead of fondly looking back at all the Spanish words and phrases we've learned alongside the spunky hispanic, we thought we'd follow her lead by taking you on a special Dora Spoof Birthday Adventure.

Will you help Dora celebrate her birthday??

¿Sí? Grreeatt! Vámonos!

We've gathered a few Dora spoofs -- of epic proportions -- to commemorate the day. Click on the slide below to start the Spoof-tastic adventure. 'Map,' 'Backpack,' and 'Boots' not included, see captions for details!

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  • The Trailer

    Every epic adventure needs a trailer full of misleading scenes, dramatic full-screen text, and suspenseful music, right? In this sketch, Dora and friends come to life (literally) and go on the adventure of her life! <em>Modern Family's</em> Ariel Winter plays Dora in this action-packed trailer with villains, explosion and, as always, <em>un poco de Español</em>. Keep an eye out for Diego, he's come a long way from the little boy we knew: shirtless, packing heat, and helping her cousin find the "Infinity Orb."

  • The Beginning: LA CONQUISTA-DORA

    Our adventure begins....well, at the 'beginning' of the New World apparently. College Humor can't seem to get enough of Dora (but really, who can?). They decided to give Dora a little historical spin, keeping true to the educational aspect of the show of course. In this spoof, 'Coquista-Dora the Explorer' hopes "to subjugate the native people of the New World and claim their territory for the Royal Kingdom of Spain!" The adventure is jam packed with small pox, pillaging, and scalping! Will you help Conquista-Dora wipe out the natives and claim the New World for Spain? Grreeaatt! ¡Vámonos!

  • The Twist: Dora In Inception

    It's Dora Within A Dream, Within Another Dream, Within A Spanglish Dream?! We're not really sure we understand, but apparently neither does Dora. Seems she needs a little help on the adventure. Can you help her get out this bad <em>sueño</em> ?

  • In the Meantime: Rolando The Explorer

    While Conquista-Dora is off handing out diseased towels, we though we'd catch up with what may be Dora's long lost brother: Rolando. Exploring seems to run in the family, but Rolando's adventures seem to be a little less ambitious. He shares Dora's taste in lilac tees and bright orange shorts but clearly is less in touch with the family's animal friends. But who needs Boots when you have <em>Bigote</em>?

  • The Climax: Dora Helps Friend Reach Sainthood

    Our epic adventure had a purpose after all: help Father Basil Moreau reach sainthood! Wait, what? Just go with it. This saga (yes there's more than one) shows the particularly short and surprisingly easy road to sainthood--"Map" really does have all the answers. Forget Bi-lingual Dora, these kids up the ante and throw in a few French phrases as well. <em>Merci messieurs!</em>

  • The End: "We Did It!"

    "We Did It!" We helped Dora wipe out the natives, save the Infinity Orb (what that is, we still don't know), get out of that pesky dream within a dream, and take Father Basil Moreau to 'sainthood!' <em>Muy bien</em> everybody! To celebrate here's the "We Did It" song á la Star Wars. You think this was Nickelodeon's true inspiration behind the Latina Explorer's song?