08/14/2012 08:23 am ET | Updated Aug 16, 2012

12 Websites To Aid Your Reinvention

The prospect of reinventing yourself after 50 can be a daunting one without some basic tools and support. Fortunately, while it can't give you the all-important motivation and drive, the internet can help break a seemingly insurmountable prospect into manageable steps by providing access to the advice and inspirational example of others who have been there and done that.

Maybe you're looking for a new job after a recent layoff, or to continue with your current profession but shift gears in some way -- or maybe you're dreaming of reinventing yourself entirely, picking up where you left off with an old passion, or trying something new that excites you. Whatever is driving your reinvention, there are more than a few good websites out there for job-seekers and career-shifters over 50. For instance, Experience Works offers a self-assessment tool to help you identify where your strengths lie, and then connect the dots to available career paths. More specialized sites such as ReServe, which can help you get a foot in the door in the nonprofit world. Click through the slideshow below for more information on these and 10 more great reinvention sites:

12 Websites To Aid Your Reinvention


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