Wing It Parenthood: Funny Or Die Imagines The Unfunded Alternative (VIDEO)

08/14/2012 04:14 pm ET

The tricky thing about running a low-cost health care clinic is that you actually need money to provide services. It's confusing, we know, but STD screenings, birth control tests and mammograms don't just pay for themselves.

So when politicians and organizations decide to de-fund Planned Parenthood, you can imagine that their stockpile of helpful services and information could run low. So low, in fact, that the entire thing becomes more like "Wing It" Parenthood, instead of Planned Parenthood.

At least, that's what happens in this latest sketch from Funny Or Die starring actress Connie Britton. Instead of closing down the clinics altogether, Britton mans the operation on a slightly lower budget.

The resulting appointments, as you can imagine, aren't exactly typical. Watch the video above!

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