Bill Hader Might Pull Back On Stefon This Season On 'SNL'

08/15/2012 12:03 pm ET
  • Katla McGlynn Senior Comedy & Viral Editor, The Huffington Post

Bill Hader is up for an Emmy for his seventh season on "Saturday Night Live" this year, thanks in part to one of his most popular characters, Weekend Update's resident City correspondent Stefon. But like Hader told Entertainment Weekly in an interview this week, that doesn't mean we'll necessarily be seeing an increase in Stefon's stage time.

When asked if there were any characters he was going to pull back on this season, Hader said, "Maybe Stefon," before explaining that he likes keeping Stefon's appearances to a minimum so that each one is more special.

"You kinda want to have that, 'Ohmygod, we’re getting to see it!' — especially for the live audience," Hader said. "Kristen [Wiig] was good at spacing out things. When she would do something, you felt excited that you got to be there when that happened."

While this might not be good news for Stefon junkies, perhaps Hader will need some extra time this season anyway: as far as the current cast members go, he's by far the closest doppelganger for Paul Ryan.

Read the rest of the interview on to learn more about Hader's thoughts on the upcoming season, including a sketch about NBC's gaffe-ridden Olympics coverage that he unfortunately didn't get to do.

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