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Colbert Is Loving Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan's Foreign Policy 'Credentials' (VIDEO)

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As if Stephen Colbert needed another reason to love the Romney/Ryan ticket, he found that Romney's foreign policy credentials are nothing short of impeccable.

So some critics pointed out that neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan have much foreign policy experience to speak of... when you're a businessman with a capital B like Mitt Romney, you've racked up enough frequent flyer miles to make up for it.

At least that's the argument Romney surrogate Tim Pawlenty made when he explained to George Stephanopoulos that leveraging international business deals is pretty much the same thing as negotiating peace agreements overseas.

Stephen couldn't agree more -- nobody can deny that Mitt's been to a lot of airports. "Mitt Romney may not have served in the military, but he's a card-carrying member of the Admiral's Club," Stephen said.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think of Romney's vast foreign policy experience.

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