Buzzfeed Introduces Rubbable GIFs

08/16/2012 01:56 pm ET

The meme purveyors over at Buzzfeed premiered a new piece of web technology today with the Rubbable GIF. The new art form takes conventional GIF sensibilities and makes them interactive -- now instead of just watching the images repeat themselves over and over again, you can click them to rewind and fast forward with your mouse. In effect, you can rub them.

Buzzfeed lead hard with the sports, politics and cat genres all represented -- but the undisputed crown jewel of the collection is the Ryan Gosling set.

So far, Twitter has been reacting with a sense of humor:

Funniest Rubbable GIFs Tweets

What Rubbable GIF sets would you want to see next? Let us know in the comments.

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