They're no strangers to international fame. They love matching outfits. They know the importance of a team. And, yes, they're teen idols. We're talking about none other than the lads of One Direction and the gals of the Fierce Five. Five singers, five gymnasts. Does anyone smell a round of celebrity matchmaker?

Some of the 1D boys have girlfriends and at least one of the gymnasts might be holding out for a Jonas Brother, but let's pretend for a moment that they're all single.

Click through the slideshow below for our completely imaginary One Direction-Fab Five couples. (All ten teen heartthrobs did have the chance to mingle when One Direction performed at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies in London last week -- we wonder if any of them hit it off IRL?)

What do you guys think of our 1D/Fierce Five pairings? What celebs should we play match maker for next? Sound off in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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  • Louis Tomlinson And Gabby Douglas

    Gabby is known for her bubbly, infectious laugh, so it's a no-brainer to pair her with Louis. He loves to pull pranks and make others laugh.

  • Niall Horan And Jordyn Wieber

    Jordyn famously crushes on Justin Bieber, but we think Niall would be an even better match! Sparks would fly if carefree, outgoing Niall and all-American sweetheart Jordyn ever got together.

  • Harry Styles And Aly Raisman

    Harry has quite the reputation for being a ladies' man, but we bet team leader Aly Raisman has just the right mix of confidence and class to tame him -- for awhile, anyway. And just like heavily tattooed Harry, Aly just got her very first piece of ink: the Olympic rings!

  • Zayn Malik And McKayla Maroney

    It's tough to think of any two young celebs more perfect for each other than Zayn and McKayla! His bad boy rep and her trademark sassy smirk seem like a match made in platinum record/gold medal heaven.

  • Liam Payne And Kyla Ross

    At 18 and 15, Liam and Kyla are both mature beyond their years. It's not hard to imagine them growing old together side by side. Say it with us: Awww!