08/19/2012 01:21 pm ET

'American Horror Story: Asylum' Blue Coat Teaser (VIDEO)

The "American Horror Story: Asylum" teasers keep on coming -- and they're getting creepier.

FX previously released a video of a nun walking in the woods dumping a bucket of ... something. Now, the network has released another new teaser featuring two nuns, and a blue coat. One nun is clad in black, never facing the camera. The nun in white -- including an all-white face -- hangs up a blue coat on the wall.

The video was posted on the official "American Horror Story" Facebook page with this caption: "Don’t try to escape. You’re being watched."

What does it all mean? Find out in October when the series returns to FX.

For some "American Horror Story: Asylum" spoilers click through the slideshow below.

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