As our nation's young ones start heading back to school, it's important that we take the time to remember what we DON'T want to be seeing from our learning institutions. Naturally, we're talking about egregious misspellings, inappropriate puns and other less-than-scholarly mishaps on campus.

That's where we come in. This year we rounded up even more "back to school" FAIL pictures than we did last year for your viewing pleasure. This time, the always reliable reader board signs provide many of the laughs, but we also found FAILS hiding in news chyrons, sale signs and other "back to school" related items that might surprise you.

Check out the 45 FAILS below and vote for your favorites -- and remember, the children are our future (so we should probably spell it correctly).

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  • Welcome Back Fail

    Lesson number one: spelling.

  • Easy Fail

    Being a reporter is difficult, guys.

  • Bad Wording Fail

    We're just going to hope today never ends.

  • Senior Fail

    To be fair, this wasn't her first senior year.

  • Gift Card Fail

    All the bi-curious students will be thrilled about this one.

  • School Essentials Fail

    Someone's going to get laughed out of Anatomy 101.

  • Placement Fail

    What every girl needs.

  • SAT Fail

    Spelling isn't technically tested on the SAT.

  • Teacher Praise Fail

    At this school they might not.

  • High Standards Fail

    Apparently they aren't THAT committed.

  • Product Inclusion Fail

    Advil and condoms are necessary to survive long school days and longer school nights.

  • Sale Fail

    Are we sending mixed messages?

  • MILF Fail

    Either it's "film week" and some hooligans changed the sign, or someone severely messed up MLK Jr.'s initials.

  • Complete Fail

    Uhh... Yeah...

  • School Sign Fail

    It's new-ish.

  • Pun Fail

    They should have gone with their original idea, "Students need remotes."

  • Acronym Fail

    Let's leave the wordplay up to the professionals.

  • One Letter Fail

    You've really got to get to those kids early!

  • Accreditation Fail

    Where do we even start?

  • Headline Fail

    In the future we see a lot of boys wearing wigs to go here.

  • Teaching Moment Fail

    Hey, he's technically right!

  • School Name Fail

    Have some self-respect, Garinger.

  • Spelling Bee Fail

    Neither Maiesha nor Anamaria wrote this sign.

  • They're Vs. Their Fail

    The game can't solve all your problems.

  • Wine Fail

    "Amiright?"- Any unemployed person who just graduated from college.

  • Always Remember Fail

    To be fair, tomorrow is really hard to spell.

  • Spelling School Fail

    Perhaps they meant the Yiddish "Shul," but probably not.

  • Beer Fail

    More like fuel for detention (juvenile detention).

  • Too Young For This Fail

    "Elbows, Billy! Elbows!"

  • Sign Placement Fail

    Be sure to stock up on folders, binders and machetes before September.

  • Burrito Weapon Fail

    To be fair, it was a VERY spicy burrito.

  • School Supply Fail

    This kid should have no problem making friends

  • Spelling Fail

    Let's hope they're better at science than they are at English.

  • School Necessities Fail

    The 24 pack is for the elementary pong game you saw earlier.

  • Public School Fail

    Oh what a difference one letter makes...

  • Angle Fail

    NOW do you see why schools need more funding?

  • Abbreviation Fail

    This is why you don't make up your own abbreviations.

  • Lingerie Uniform Fail

    Wear these and you'll get an "A" for "Asked to go home and change."

  • Literacy Fail

    They're also teaching a course on irony.

  • Out Of C's Fail

    Sharp Elementary isn't so sharp after all.

  • Literally School Fail

    What they meant was, "Sh! Cool..."

  • Understanding The Dictionary Fail

    They ALMOST had it...

  • Drug Fail

    Worst sign placement ever!

  • "Accept" Vs. "Except" vs. Nonsense Fail

    We think you already lost the challenge.

  • Inappropriate Sign Fail

    Is that like a pervy haiku or something?

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