Supermodel Cindy Crawford must have Mapquested directions to the Fountain of Youth, because she and her daughter are looking more and more alike every day.

Crawford, 46, and her 10-year-old daughter Kaia celebrated Mom-Daughter Jeans day (we made that up) in Malibu over the weekend, where the pair headed to Cafe Habana, the restaurant owned by Cindy's hubby Rande Gerber. While Cindy paired a trendy wide-legged pant with a white peasant blouse, daugher Kaia wore a pink button down and boots.

Modeling is also a family business for the Crawfords; Cindy's former MTV series, "House of Style," returns (to the Internet) on October 9th. Daughter Kaia also has a stop-and-start modeling career of her own.

Can mom impart any modeling lessons? "In some ways, I'm a better model now, because I'm not at all self-conscious," Cindy recently told Tatler. "I'm more willing to take a bad picture in order to try to get a really good one."

Trust us, Cindy: we can't remember ever seeing you take a bad picture.

Click over to X17 Online to see more pics of Cindy and Kaia.

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cindy crawford

kaia crawford

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