Grindr For The GOP Convention: Funny Or Die Spoofs Closeted Republicans (VIDEO)

08/20/2012 12:33 pm ET

In just one short week, 50,000 conservatives will descend upon the nation's classiest city for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, and according to Funny Or Die, at least some of Mitt Romney's constituents will really be enjoying themselves.

In this sketch from Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, the duo behind Funny Or Die's Michele and Marcus Bachmann sketches, an RNC organizer confirms that millions of dollars have gone into making sure conservatives' Grindr apps are always available while at the convention.

"You know, Grindr isn't just for gay men, it's also for hypocritical, closeted gay men," the spokesman assures.

Long gone are the days of foot-tapping in bathrooms (the convention bathrooms have built-in glory holes). Watch the video above!

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