James Franco needs little introduction.

Movie star, fiction writer, director, documentarian, college instructor and smoldering sex symbol of the highest order, Franco is the Hollywood jack-of-all-trades who seems to have the uncanny ability to be everywhere doing everything all at the same time.

But just in case fans needed a reminder of Franco's prolificacy, the 34-year-old actor-writer-director extraordinaire is showing off his multitude of skills and accolades in a promotional video for Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

Signed on as a celebrity spokesperson for Samsung's new tablet, Franco and his multi-faceted career are used as a foil in this new commercial, which highlights the multitasking features of the tablet.

(Naturally, Franco says he directed this ad too.)

The tablet, which accepts both touch and pen input, was launched last week as a possible Android answer to Apple's iPad, the Associated Press reports.

However, despite Franco's charm and documented prowess in multi-tasking, the Washington Post notes that the reviews for the Note 10.1 have been mixed so far.

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