08/20/2012 03:17 pm ET

Janet Jackson Still Fighting To Change Michael Jackson's Will

Janet Jackson's management team has made it clear in a new statement that the singer is still questioning the “veracity” of brother Michael Jackson’s will. But why is Janet now saying something is wrong now, three years after the will was probated?

“No one can understand why she is doing this,” a Jackson insider tells me. “Even if Janet got the executors fired and new ones instated, all the money would still go to Michael’s three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. The executors took the estate, crippled in debt, and have made a fortune for the children. It almost seems that she's trying to take the money away from his kids."

And that is exactly what several Hollywood insiders have said is at the root of all these problems: Are the three kids really Michael's and if they are not, should they be getting the King of Pop's millions?

A statement posted on her website says Janet has nothing to gain financially by finding the will to be invalid. Confirming that Michael’s children are the beneficiaries of his estate, the statement says the people who have the most to lose are “the executors and those on the executors' payroll.”


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