Healthy School Lunch Quiz: What's In Your Brown Bag?

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Damon Scheuler/AOL
Damon Scheuler/AOL

Back-to-school planning is upon us. But with the beginning of a new year comes an opportunity to change old habits and forge some new patterns. Why not start with healthy eating?

Although approximately 32 million children participate in school lunch programs, a large portion of America's school kids bring lunch from home. For the families of those kids, making palatable, affordable, quick and easy lunches can be a challenge. Add to that the proliferation of convenience foods such as yogurt in a tube or individually-apportioned fruit cups, and it's not surprising that many of the lunch items meant for children are of no nutritional use at all.

Think you know the difference between what's truly healthful and what's all marketing? Take our quiz here.

What's Really In That Bagged Lunch?
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Not counting the bread, which of these classic sandwich fillings has more calories: peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese?
Peanut butter and jelly
Ham and cheese
Trick question! They're equal
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