If animal photobombs and "Daily Show" supercuts aren't a strong enough dose of the distraction you need this afternoon, thank your lucky stars that it's Wednesday.

That means we're back with 7 more awesome sites for you to browse and play on until these slow mid-week hours are nothing but a distant memory.

As always, be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know if you come across any awesome time wasters you think we should feature.

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  • Romney's White Board

    When the GOP hopeful gave a talk using a whiteboard, it was only a matter of time before someone <a href="http://romneyswhiteboard.tumblr.com/" target="_hplink">made a meme out of it</a>.

  • Dog Shaming

    Sometimes your dog needs to sit back and think about what he's done. There's <a href="http://dogshaming.tumblr.com/" target="_hplink">a blog for that</a>.

  • Models Who Just Farted

    There sure are a lot of models out there who <a href="http://modelswhojustfarted.tumblr.com/" target="_hplink">don't look too happy</a> with their cutting edge fashions.

  • Faceswapped Romantic Comedies

    Pretty much <a href="http://imgur.com/a/CnxR1#S6a2V" target="_hplink">all of these love stories</a> could have been improved by the characters swapping faces.

  • Pointer Pointer

    Put your cursor anywhere and <a href="http://www.pointerpointer.com/" target="_hplink">see what happens</a>.

  • Twerking To Indie Music

    Twerking is a type of dancing that relies heavily on shaking your butt, and it goes pretty naturally with hip-hop music, but one blog out there is daring to dream. They've paired YouTube videos of women twerking with indie songs and created a whole new genre of dance -- <a href="http://twerking-to-indie-music.tumblr.com/" target="_hplink">the indie twerk. </a> Warning: lots of booty bouncing.

  • Faker Scores

    Ever get the feeling that a lot of your Twitter followers are robots or ghosts? <a href="http://fakers.statuspeople.com/Fakers/Scores" target="_hplink">This free app</a> actually tells you how many of your followers are real people.

  • Also On The Huffington Post

    Scotty, the cat, twirls around with dreams of performing his routine on the Olympic stage!