08/23/2012 09:02 am ET | Updated Sep 06, 2012

Antipasti Recipes For Your Next Party

Just imagine. All you do is put together a platter of store-bought ingredients and present it to your guests. That's mostly what antipasti entails. The selection of food may include olives, marinated peppers, pepperoncini, prosciutto, salami, breadsticks (grissini), mozzarella balls, tomatoes, pepperoni and more.

A large platter of so many ingredients looks pretty impressive, but sometimes a little creativity can make those same ingredients look even better. Think of antipasti skewers, prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks, balsamic drizzled tomatoes, fried olives and more. You're basically taking the ingredients from the platter and reimagining them. Lucky for you, we've done the reimagining for you.

Check out all the unique antipasti creations from our food blogger friends in the slideshow below.

New Takes On Antipasti