It's an epic battle to end all battles.

In one corner, we have the mighty English bulldog. Burly, surly and cute as can be, this handsome bulldog is not one to take things lying down.

But bullies beware, for in the other corner is the cuddly canine's arch-nemesis: Some call him Hypnos, others Somnus… but most just call him Sleep.

Making a slumberous resurgence this week on the Interwebs, this 2009 YouTube video features an awesomely sluggish battle that's too cute to miss.

Sleep, after all, never seems to get old.

Need more proof? Click through this slideshow of sleepy animals, and see for yourself!

(h/t: dailypicksandflicks)

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  • Baby Bear Dozing Off

    This cute bear cub squishes his nose against the ground while fighting off sleep.

  • Puppy Passing Out In Water Dish

    An adorable 6-week old golden retriever puppy nods off into the water bowl.

  • Sleepy Swaying Kitty

    This darling kitten almost falls over trying to stay awake.

  • Tired Tiger Cub

    A baby tiger stretches a big yawn before descending back into dreams.

  • Pooped Pug Pup

    This fatigued pug teeters and totters, refusing to rest, before finally collapsing on the ground.

  • Baby Duck Snoozing

    A delightful duckling that just can't stay awake.

  • Sleepy Sloth

    This orphaned baby sloth briefly wakes up before falling back to sleep.

  • Dead-Tired Dog

    A lovable puppy loses its balance trying to remain alert.

  • Beat Bunny

    This tired bunny rabbit decides its had enough of being awake.

  • Cute Koala

    Yawning, a koala bear curls up against a tree for a nap.

  • Sleeping On The Stairs

    Not even resting its head on the step will keep this 5-week old golden retriever puppy awake.

  • Adorable Kitten

    This kitty can't keep its eyes open.

  • Weary Meerkats

    This group of meerkats must have stayed up too late together the night before.

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