08/22/2012 05:22 pm ET

English Bulldog Vs. Sleep: Who Will Win The Epic Battle? (VIDEO)

It's an epic battle to end all battles.

In one corner, we have the mighty English bulldog. Burly, surly and cute as can be, this handsome bulldog is not one to take things lying down.

But bullies beware, for in the other corner is the cuddly canine's arch-nemesis: Some call him Hypnos, others Somnus… but most just call him Sleep.

Making a slumberous resurgence this week on the Interwebs, this 2009 YouTube video features an awesomely sluggish battle that's too cute to miss.

Sleep, after all, never seems to get old.

Need more proof? Click through this slideshow of sleepy animals, and see for yourself!

sleepy animals