We've maintained a somewhat love-hate relationship with Gap over the years.

But we'll never not get excited about the retailer's ad campaigns, which have brought us the famous "Fall Into The Gap" slogan, the infectious "Love Train" Christmas commercial, Audrey Hepburn dancing in her black skinnies, a same-sex couple sharing a single gray tee and many valiant attempts to make khaki cool (see: skateboarders, Carrie Bradshaw).

Gap's latest approach? Indie singers and dancers, a slew of whom were cast in the brand's new "Icons Redefined" campaign. First up are the Avett Brothers singing their folksy new single "Live and Die" on a banjo and an acoustic guitar. The band has been around for years, but we're just realizing how cute these guys are -- is anyone else seeing Ashton Kutcher dopplegangers?

Check out the new commercial (and the brothers) and tell us in the comments: does this make you want to shop at Gap?


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