Cats are ruthlessly independent, incredibly nonchalant and basically don't give a f#@% about anything. Somehow we still love them, but there's no denying it: they're jerks!

When they aren't playing with iPads or getting stuck in things, most of the time our feline companions are being jerks to humans. They knock over our stuff, try to kill us when we least expect it and even fight with children. Seriously: what other animal would actually punch a baby?

For proof, just see the 19 examples of cats being jerks in the slideshow below. Trust us, this is only the tip of the cat jerk iceberg. Send us your unruly cat videos if you think you can top these!

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  • They Interrupt Your Workout

    So much goes wrong so quickly here.

  • They Stuff Their Friends In Boxes

    This one has a convenient English translation.

  • They Try To Kill You In Your Sleep

    "Shh... just go to sleep."

  • They Hate Babies

    They also hate "America's Funniest Home Videos."

  • They Betray Their Friends

    "No, I swear there is catnip down there."

  • They Don't Care About Your Vitamins

    Wait for the bratty face at the end.

  • They Legit Do Not Care About Your Vitamins


  • They Have Strict Eviction Standards

    "Get outta here!"

  • They Spill Your Coffee

    She's been drinking too much caffeine anyway.

  • They Ruin Serious News Reports

    Yes, it will end up in a reel.

  • They Trip Toddlers

    "I liked it better when you crawled."

  • They Also Punch Toddlers

    Mama said knock you out!

  • They Break Your iPad

    To be fair, this is why you don't give cats $800 Apple products.

  • They Don't Appreciate Their Toys

    "If I can't have it no one can."

  • They Don't Like They Way You Hung That Picture

    At least the cat gets locked out in the end.

  • They Hate One Direction

    However, this is also how most humans would react.

  • They Don't Want You To Blow Your Nose

    "Whatever, you aren't sick."

  • They Don't Like Being Filmed

    "Am I going to end up on that Cheezburger site again?"

  • They Don't Want You To Eat Healthy

    No oranges for you.

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