08/23/2012 05:01 pm ET

Prince Harry Influenced By Ryan Lochte's Frat Boy Behavior, Says Media Insider

Days after naked pictures of Prince Harry were leaked online, rumors are swirling that naked pictures of Harry’s Vegas party pal Ryan Lochte are about to be exposed by his ex-girlfriend.

"Everyone knows Harry is a party boy, but the photos with his crown jewels out are utterly shocking! It shows a serious lapse in his judgement and the queen will be furious. So much for what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. He was clearly led astray by frat boy Ryan Lochte and all that beer drinking in the sun. Harry no doubt has one hell of a hangover with side orders of humiliation and embarrassment,” British author and journalist Jessica Callan, who worked with Piers Morgan, tells me.

In an interview on NBC's "Today" show Thursday morning, Lochte explained how he met Harry. "His people came over to my table and said, 'Prince Harry wants to meet you … I was like, 'Lets meet him,'" Lochte told Matt Lauer. "I went over there. I was fully clothed, and he says, 'You want to race me in the pool?' I took off my shirt, jumped in and we started racing."

"He's part of the royal family and everything, but he's really a nice guy. He's really talkative. He just wanted to meet me and honestly wanted to race me. I thought that was the coolest thing,” he continued. "After our race and everything, we went our separate ways. I'm kind of happy, I don't need that."


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