Taylor Swift's Kennedy Relationship, Celebrities With Ties To The Kennedy Family

08/23/2012 05:55 pm ET | Updated Aug 24, 2012

Taylor Swift may be responsible for bringing the Kennedy name back to the headlines, as of late, but she isn't the first famous face to become a part of the Camelot crew.

Swift is currently dating Robert F. Kennedy's 18-year-old grandson, Conor -- Swift is four years his senior. The pair have been spotted all over Hyannis Port, Mass., showing some major PDA in front of Conor's American royalty family.

But the Kennedy family's ties to Hollywood run much deeper than Swift's crimson lips. From Marilyn Monroe and Cheryl Hines to Gloria Swanson and Frank Sinatra, Tinseltown's finest have historically been attracted to the Kennedys.

Check out these celebrities with a Kennedy connection below:

Celebrities Tied To The Kennedys

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