08/24/2012 06:20 pm ET

'The Office' Season 9 Poster: Game Of Paper? (PHOTO)

"The Office" is ending after its upcoming ninth season, and if the poster for the new season is any indication, the battle for control of Dunder Mifflin will be intensely hilarious.

The poster, which features the cast on a chessboard holding medieval weapons, presents a "Game Of Thrones" take on office politics. Dwight's wielding a sword and has Andy in a headlock, Darryl's got a chalice and Pam and Jim are clinging to each other in the corner. Gabe's holding a shield and Meredith is passed out drunk. It serves as a pretty great visual representation of what each character brings to the show.

Check out the poster below. Does it get you excited for the final season of "The Office?"

the office season 9 poster

The ninth and final season of "The Office" premieres on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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