New details pertaining to director Tony Scott's apparent suicide have come to light. TMZ reports that the note Scott left for his family members did not contain a motive.

The Associated Press reports that the Los Angeles County coroner's office spokesman has confirmed that no mention of a motive was included in the note.

Scott jumped from a bridge in Los Angeles on Aug. 19. He was 68 years old. Authorities found a note containing contact information in his black Toyota Prius, which was parked on the bridge. A further note, addressed to his love ones, was later found in his office.

Scott, known for quality films such as "Top Gun," "Unstoppable" and "True Romance" is the younger brother of fellow director Ridley Scott.

More information, including our full obituary, is available here. HuffPost Entertainment's Senior Writer Mike Ryan remembered Scott here. Filmmaker reactions to Scott's passing are available in the gallery below.

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